That’s what I was yesterday…down in the dumps, doleful, disconsolate.

I know I really sound like a crotchety old thing, but I just get so irritated at what’s happening in this world.

First, I heard this story on the radio about a reporter who paid $1500 to some guys to kidnap him and hold him up in a basement overnight.  It’s a real thing.  It’s called Extreme Kidnapping. I mean, it’s NOT a real thing.  It’s fake…a fake kidnapping by ex-criminals who, for the right price, will provide you with the experience of being kidnapped.  I just can’t fathom this.  The normal American life is just too boring, now?  There are people who’d pay someone to do this most abominable thing, this thing that happens all around the world and is horrifying?  This just makes me angry.

Can this really be where we are as a country?

Then I read this blog post by Jon Acuff about the absolute worst Jesus Juke ever!  And I was inclined to rant and rave about the graceless, anti-Gospel manipulation of a church choir director.  That is, until I started reading all the comments of outraged Christians who found the church choir director guilty and condemned him.  And I thought about how each generation of Christians has some huge gripe against the generation before, and it gets so steamed up and denounces a certain thinking or behavior, and puts itself in a place of superiority over that « other generation ».

Is it always going to be like this?

I also found out that a wonderful, beloved pastor’s wife in the Gatineau area took her own life on Saturday, leaving her husband and kids to pick up the pieces and find some meaning in it.  And we all heard the story of Rick Warren’s son battling mental illness and finally committing suicide this past weekend.

How do we hold up?

I’m tired of it all.

And lest anyone think that I’m just sitting up here on my high-horse, passing out judgement with disdain…for the record, I’m sick of MYSELF too.  I’m irritated with my forgetfulness of the Truth. I’m tired of continually disappointing the people in my life. I’m annoyed at my running mouth.  I sicken myself with my lack of discipline and my selfishness.  It’s frankly quite dismal.

So it’s a good thing that we studied these words from I Corinthians 15 in our small group last night:
that the Messiah died for our sins, exactly as Scripture tells it; that he was buried; that he was raised from death on the third day, again exactly as Scripture says;

Do you know what good news that is?  Later on in the passage we see that it means that…
1.  I have not staked my life on smoke and mirrors
2.  I’m not wandering around in the dark, lost.
3.  I am not still under the weight of my sins
4.  One day all things will be made new…including ME!

I’m still sad.  My heart is still clenched.  I’m still baffled by this life.

But I’m bolstered by these words.

They are what I’m hanging onto today!

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